Brad Langdale:
NCATA Presentation 2010
Physics 20 Lab Manual
NCATA Presentation 2011
Trebuchet Instructions
- Grade 8 Trebuchet Lab
- Science 10 Trebuchet Lab
- Science 14 Trebuchet Lab
- Physics 20 Trebuchet Lab
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NCTCA Presentation 2012 Physics 30 Labs 
NCTCA Presentation 2013
A Selection of Humorous YouTube Videos
NCTCA Presentation 2014
Who Are You Calling Passive Regressive?
- TI-Series Graphing Instructions
- Excel Snell's Law Example
- Excel Pendulum Example
NCTCA Presentation 2016
Teaching Physics Through Infographics
Projectile Motion I
Projectile Motion II
Incline Plane
2D Analysis
Electric Potential Difference
NCTCA Presentation 2018: Hot Wheels Physics
ATASC Presentation 2019: Photoshop for Nerds
STAS Presentation: Lab Techs and Physics Teachers