Hey Kids!

Welcome to Week Nine of Learning at Home. Only three weeks of classes remain! Reminder: the deadline for submitting work is Friday, June 19th. No work can be taken in after this date!

As we continue forward, please take the time to connect, especially if you're having trouble with course material. I work hard to answer your emails quickly and make myself available for Google Meets. So please reach out if you need any help.

Please find below the plans for your class this week. Like last week, you can also click on the links below to go directly to the Google Doc, some students have found it easier to access materials directly from that page. You can also just go to your course page and find the names of the files there as well.

Week Nine Work From Home Plans

Week Eight Work From Home Plans

Week Seven Work From Home Plans

Week Six Work From Home Plans

Week Five Work From Home Plans

Week Four Work From Home Plans

Week Three Work From Home Plans

Week Two Work From Home Plans

Week One Work From Home Plans

The page is hyperlinked with links to all the resources you need to work through the plans. (NOTE: for the links to work on the embedded Doc above, right click and select "open in new tab" or "open in new window".)

​Students who do not have internet/computer access can request paper copies to be picked up at SGCHS. Please contact me if you would require this option. Printing all materials is not needed, our usual assignments can be just solved on paper at home and held on to for a record of learning.

Having a textbook will really help with this material, but I've also included links to online versions of the textbooks on each site page, and all textbook questions and readings are hyperlinked, so you can made do if you don't have one.

Aside from this site, content is also on  my Youtube page, so be sure to watch some videos and subscribe!

Thanks for patience and understanding as we work through school closures together. If you have questions about class or the website, comments, etc, please feel free to e-mail at BLangdale@psd70.ab.ca

Teachers: If you're looking for info from any of my conference presentations from the past few years,  click here.

Peace out,

Brad Langdale,