Unit A - Momentum and Impulse
1D Momentum Collision: Hip Car vs. Hick Truck
Unit B - Forces and Fields
Unit C - Electromagnetic Radiation
Unit D - Atomic Physics
Physics 30
Van de Graaff Generator
Leyden Jar
Bubbles vs. Van de Graaf
Magnetic Deflection of Compass
Electric Fields in 2D
Electric Fields in 3D
The Torsion Balance
The Torsion Balance 2
The Torsion Balance 3
Faraday's Ice Pail
Magnetic Domains 1
Magnetic Domains 2
Magnetic Field in a Bar Magnet
1st Left Hand Rule 1
1st Left Hand Rule 2
Magnetic Interaction of Current Carrying Wires
The Magnetic Force (the Lorentz Force)
Deflection in a Cathode Ray Tube 1
Deflection in a Cathode Ray Tube 2
Particle in an Electric and Magnetic Field
Induction in a Loop of Wire
Induction in a Guitar Pickup
Inductive Pendulum
Induction / Lenz's Law
EMR Wave
Diffraction / Huygen's Principle
Young's Double Slit Experiment
The Photoelectric Effect
The Compton Effect
The Rutherford Gold Foil Experiment 1
The Rutherford Gold Foil Experiment 2
The Rutherford Gold Foil Experiment 3
Spectral Lines
Emission/Absorption of Lines
Bohr Model of the Atom
Bohr Model of  the Atom 2 (Very Good)
Charge to Mass Ratio
Millikan-Like Experiment
Cloud Chamber
Geiger Counter
*Note: Some animations run in Flash, others using Java. You may need to download these programs to view the animations. 
A really nice Mirrors Animation
Diffraction Grating
Prisms vs. Diffraction Gratings